Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 2: Celebrations

Happy Friday! Are you ready to help create a HUGE ONLINE STIGMA SMASHING COMMUNITY??

It’s the second Off-Friday since I started the NEW Mental Illness Blog Share. The first one started off a bit slow on Mother’s Day weekend, but ended up coming together to become an archive of nine incredible mother-themed posts.

This Friday also happens to be my lovely littlest one’s second birthday! I’m so excited to celebrate with my husband and his family this year. So far both girls have had a great time being pampered to oblivion by their grandparents. The birthday girl (and the birthday girl’s sister at that) even got a set of custom princess dresses, hand-sewn by their great grandmother, or as she is called in Argentina, “Nona.”

The Princessa de Off-Fridays Wk 2 on

Happy birthday to my Birthday Princess Penelope!


In honor of la princessa de mi vida I have made the Week 2 theme “celebrations.” Don’t worry…the future themes will be a little broader and less specific to my personal life. But this one is actually pretty broad too. Celebrations can mean a lot of things. It can be a post about a birthday party, or one celebrating an important figure or figures in your life; it can be a guide to overcoming social anxiety during the holidays, a celebration of a personal accomplishment-big or small, an account of a time you relapsed because of a holiday, or a time you were proud because you came close but didn’t; even a complaint about celebrations fits here. Really: If you think it fits the theme, it probably does. This linky is less about adhering strictly to a theme, and more about mental illness bloggers around the world joining together to “meet,” read each other’s stories, form potential collaborations, and provide free communal advertising for our blogs. Plus, once it closes, we’ll have created another archive of mental illness posts centered around the theme of “celebrations.”

Join the #OffFridays stigma-crushing community, every other Friday on

I’ve done a bit of updating. This link-up party is new, after all, so changes may occur. I’ll try to keep them low-key and streamlined. This week it’s pretty much just some font changes, and I updated the button! So if you’re using it, it’s up to you if you want to go with the old one or the new one…but I like the new one myself. I also registered the #OffFridays hashtag, so please be sure to use it when sharing your Off-Fridays links!

If you’re new to Off-Fridays, there are a few rules. I am not a fan of crazy rules so I did my best to keep em sweet n simple. Here they are:

Off-Fridays THE New Mental Illness Blogger's Link-Up Party RULES on BETTYSBATTLEGROUND.COM

Most link-up parties require members to subscribe to the blog e-mail list; I’m leaving it open to you whether you do that or “like+follow” my Facebook Community page because I know people have individual preferences about how they like to receive updates. That being said, I strongly recommend that you add your name to my e-mail list, because that way you will get my exclusive monthly newsletter, which includes shout-outs and links to my favorite relevant posts, Parenting with Mental Illness interview extras, and art or poetry from awesome MH community artists (speaking of which: If you want to submit your poetry or art for the newsletter, please e-mail Enter your info here to subscribe; never fear, I won’t share or sell it.

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If you would rather (or also) like to follow the Facebook Page, click here or copy and paste this into your browser:

If you need clarification on any other rules, please see the Off-Fridays Rules Page.

And please don’t forget to share Off-Fridays! Even if you don’t have a post to add this week, I’d lovelovelove it if you could take a moment to share this on a channel or two (or four…pssst: if you use the Pinterest browser button, I’ve got a snazzy one embedded into this page)…ya never know, maybe a mental illness blogger you know has a post about grounding techniques during social gatherings that she is just dying to share around!

Now, let’s get celebrating! Click here to add your link to the Off-Fridays Week 2 Blog Share (never fear: you will remain on Betty’s Battleground):

CLICK HERE to add your link to the BETTYSBATTLEGROUND.COM Mental Illness Link-Up Party!

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Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share

14 thoughts on “Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share, Week 2: Celebrations

  1. Penelope is beautiful! It’s so nice to be able to spend time with the ones you love. Regarding your link party, I had no idea you could register a hashtag. Interesting!

    • Thank you! I didn’t know you could register a hashtag either until like a week ago. I guess I’ll see if it matters!

    • Well it’s actually not as complicated as all that! This isn’t a membership you have to join…no signing your life away! Just a nice linky for mental illness/mental health bloggers to get together, share posts, and do some communal advertising. It’s win-win-win! So add your link if you’ve got something to celebrate!

  2. Penelope is gorgeous & its great she received hand made gifts from granny:). Good that you are able to do some mental illness advertising, interesting #tag concept!

  3. Wishing a great year ahead for your cute little daughter. I wish I had something to tag here. I am more of a travel writer and do not know what mental health patients may like to read. I would definitely come up with something refreshing and pot it here later. Thanks for supporting such a lovely cause.

  4. Your Princess is beautiful. It always bring me tears whenever I saw one, reminds me of mine.
    I am new to blogging world I dont really know what should I share here? I started my blog about 2 weeks ago, I’m still on the search of what to do next.
    Thank you for inviting me here.

    • Oh Thank you Crisly! I am so sorry for being so insensitive. I had forgotten the birthday shoutout was on this post too.
      If you would still like to participate, I’d love to have you! Link-up parties can be great ways to drive a little extra traffic to your blog for free, and without doing a whole lot of extra work. Full disclosure: This one is new. If you choose to keep participating (I put a new theme every other Friday, hence the name) I am hoping it will grow as I get the word out. But even now there are a few participants, so it’s still a great way to meet other bloggers writing on similar topics as you:)
      I think your post was absolutely lovely and would make a beautiful addition here-if you want to join, it’s easy! Just click that big image that says “click here” and that will take you to another page (still on this domain) where you’ll see a box in which you can copy & paste the link to your post. Just enter it, click the button, and voila! You’ve added your post!
      Then, whenever you have the time, check out some of the other posts on the list and interact with them as you please 🙂 So you know-“Eighteen” is about domestic violence, so if you don’t want to read about that because of your own experiences you may want to pick others.
      Did that help? If you have any more questions feel free to ask <3 <3

    • Of course! Thank you for writing such an open and honest blog. To add your link to the link-up you click that “Click Here” button and it takes you to a page (still on this domain) with a box where you can enter it. Also that’s where you can see the other links so that you can comment/share a few of them when you have the time and see what other MH bloggers are up to and celebrating 🙂

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