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Clean your way to being Less Stressed – 7 Day House Cleaning + Makeover Challenge by Sincerely Jacqueline co-hosts the 7-day cleaning challenge by

Whaaaaat is it an alternate dimension? It’s a post on Sunday…Betty’s Battleground never posts on Sunday! Well, except that one time.

While in many ways I sincerely wish we were in an alternate dimension, we are not (or maybe we are). But anyway, yes, it’s Sunday, and yes there’s a post on Betty’s Battleground.

I got the impression, a couple weeks ago, that you guys didn’t find my Spring Cleaning for the Mentally Ill post helpful?? Like you guys aren’t going to emulate it in your own lives immediately for some reason?

And, sadly, my house, is kind of a really big mess again. Except I don’t think I can even follow my previous method again. I guess maybe it wasn’t that helpful. Sigh. It was so meant to be helpful.

Well anyway, in that post I made a lil fun of all those Spring Cleaning bloggers with their ridiculous challenges to get your house cleaned super fast. But then this really nice lady named Jacqueline contacted me on Twitter and wanted to exchange challenges. And at first I was like “no way!” because I totally don’t post content that has been previously published here, but then I read it. And it not only totally made sense for my blog…like I could totally relate to her sentiments, but it also seems legitimately feasible. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get an industrial carpet cleaner in here, but every other part of this actually seems doable. Laundry day is actually going to be easier for me, because I live in an apartment building and don’t have my own washer and dryer. Though, what she said kind of grossed me out. I probably won’t clean the building’s machines…but I at least considered it for a moment. Also, there are some products that she recommends at the end that I will not be going out and buying because I am broker than a joke. Check back on the 17th for a post about how having a mental illness affects your economic status, despite education, intelligence, and experience. (Yes, I did also create a blog calendar! Look who’s getting organized!) If you can afford to use what she recommends, go for it. She sounds like she knows her stuff. If you can’t, be like me and adjust the still super useful tips to fit whatever you have available.

So anyway I’m going to give it a try, and I invite you to do it with me! Check up on my Instagram this coming week to see how its going! I’ll be sure to include any adjustments I make re: products for the insanely broke (YES THAT PUN WAS INTENDED).

Spring Clean the anxiety out of your life with Betty’s Battleground and Sincerely Jacqueline! Oh yeah, and if you want to read the awesome blog this came from so that you can get more helpful home-care advice that you are just not gonna get from me, visit 

P.S. I made a special one-time exception here; I’m still not going to publish your previously published article; please don’t ask.

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Clean Your Way to Being Less Stressed – 7 Day House Cleaning Challenge

by Jacqueline

Sometimes at the end of the night, I am able to get our house looking pretty clean and spiffy. When that happens; I feel accomplished and on top of the tasks at hand. However; when my house starts to become messy and progresses for days; I feel stressed. Have you ever felt that way about your house?

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I need to, because it’s true. Simply put; when my house is messy; I feel stressed. But, when my house is clean; I feel like everything else that is going on in my chaotic life; feels a little less crazy.

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The stressed feeling for me doesn’t turn on like a light switch; the feeling kind of creeps in slowly; as the mess grows. Then; before I realize it – I am running around picking up things and cleaning; while still feeling upset and stressed.

This cleaning challenge is exactly what I needed. I kept thinking. If I needed this challenge, I’m sure a lot of others in similar situations like myself would find this cleaning challenge could help them feel better and get back on track too.

I created this quick 7 day -get back on track – cleaning challenge for my home and your home.

Awhile back I used to clean houses as my full time gig for a bit. So I included extra tips in this post to help you blast through each task on this challenge; each day.

I know that there are a lot of other moms out there just like me; that could really use this cleaning challenge to make them feel happier each and everyday.

Most times, because my life (like yours) is just so busy, the messiness can pile up very quickly in a short amount of time.

So take this 7 day cleaning challenge to makeover your home!

Does it even matter to have a clean home?


It matters for multiple reasons. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The first being, it’s a lot safer. Lol. It’s true! I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped over something because someone did not put it away. Have you ever stepped on a Lego block? Oh my stars, that is a painful experience. Don’

anxiety-cleaning- how to deep clean- cleaning kitchen- bathroom- livingroom- clean- cleaning-how to - sincerely jacqueline blog-

Look at all those little foot daggers!

  • The more tidy our homes are; the higher the probability is that everyone will be more productive overall. Why is that? Simply because there is less resistance to starting tasks. If you don’t have to move and shuffle though a pile of something to find what you need to accomplish a task, the more likely it is that you will be up to getting the task started.
  • Let’s expand and think about that last bullet point. Do you really feel like doing anything in a room that looks like a tornado had just struck down? (The only thing that would be missing in this room would be Dorothy! Well, maybe not – she might be under a pile of something in that room; in that case.)
  • The cleaner an area is; the more time you can save. How many times have there been when you were looking for something that you had to shuffle things around to find; or look under here and there to finally locate the item that you were looking for?
  • Finally; the last reason it matters to have a clean home; is because it makes you feel less anxious and stressed. Anxiety and Stress are not good for us, and they need to go…ASAP!


Don’t worry. I created the Clean your way to being less stressed – 7 Day Challenge to get our homes back in tip top shape!

Cleaning with this short 7 day challenge is going to be simple, easy, and fast. That’s the best way to clean!

The absolute best and awesome takeaway? You will feel a huge relief of stress when you are finished! That alone is worth it.

Plus; your home is going to look amazing!


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Just follow the chart below!


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Here’s a breakdown of each day of the challenge + a bunch of ways to make it easier and faster!


Day 1 : Clean and reorganize your laundry room/area. Get caught up on laundry while you are reorganizing this area!

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Always keep like items together when organizing any space.

1 – Wipe down the washer and dryer machines. Use a cleaner that disinfects. Since the washer is what we use to get our dirty clothes clean, everything we touch after touching the dirty clothes we have just accidentally spread germs to.

2 – There is a new product by Lysol. It has 0% bleach, and it disinfects your laundry in the wash! It is an additive that you use with your normal laundry soap. I am excited to try this; as it has great 4 star reviews! If you try this Lysol laundry germ slayer before I get to; let me know if you like it as much as everyone that left a review! (I really like getting rid of most germs. It’s hard for a mom to be sick and still function- and I don’t like watching my kids suffer when they are sick too!)

A guest post from, hosted on

3- Clean the inside of the washer with a washer cleaner like Affresh Washer Cleaner. This is the same washer cleaner I use. It works great. and I have used it countless times over the last 5+ years. This is safe for HE washers also. I can tell you first hand; this cleaner will also help get your clothes cleaner. This is because your washer won’t be recycling dirt that gets stuck in the drum, the door, and around the rubber seal/agitator – every time you wash.

You could make your own DIY washer cleaner, (but take it from someone that used to work with appliances) – it’s not always the best idea in this instance.

Baking soda can and will clump up. You don’t want this happening in your washer. (Even when using with vinegar – after the chemical reaction that vinegar and baking soda have when mixed together – after the initial bubbling subsides; there is always some baking soda that did not dissolve) This will at some point clog the drain hoses. The vinegar will make the rubber pieces wear down faster. Use something that has been designed and approved by the washing machine manufacturers.

4 – Don’t forget to clean your dryer lint trap. Clean off the lint screen. (The piece that comes out of your dryer to catch the lint – some folks call it the lint catcher.) Then clean the area that the lint trap slides into. You will need your dryer lint brush. Some people use other things to clean in there, but I would not recommend it. If something gets stuck or breaks off inside; it’s going to be a big and expensive hassle to get your dryer fixed.

5 – Use the right laundry baskets. The hard plastic laundry baskets are a thing of the past. If you are using hard plastic laundry baskets to tote around your laundry; stop, and re-purpose them to organize things in the garage or basement. I have been using flexible laundry baskets for over a year now, and there is no way I would go back to the hard plastic baskets.

I used to be able to carry 1 hard basket at a time when I lugged around laundry. Now with the flexible baskets I can easily carry 4 baskets total. I can carry 2 in each hand.  I re-purposed my old hard plastic laundry baskets to organize kids toys, basement items, and garage items. The flexible laundry baskets are a total game-changer. It’s rare if I am backed up on laundry now that I made the switch. And now I don’t dread laundry like I used to. The flexible basket is the easiest and most convenient laundry basket that was ever invented!


Day 2 – Go through the entire house and pick up anything on the floor. Sort your mail pile. Dust the entire house.

This day has 3 tasks, because each task will not take as long as the other tasks do.

1 – My secret trick to picking up things off the floor fast is to using the flexible laundry baskets that I mentioned in the last section. What I do is I use two of these baskets. I use one to toss in things that belong to the kids. The other basket is used to toss in things that belong to other parts of the house. After I have collected everything I pass off the kids’ basket to whatever kiddo I see first. Then I go to each room and take out everything in the basket that belongs to the room that I am currently in. I move on to each room until the basket is empty.

2 – Sorting mail is not any fun. I recently created an inbox basket for new mail and incoming paperwork for my house. I can’t believe how much more organized paperwork became. Sometimes simple solutions create the biggest relief.

3 – Dusting can seem counterproductive; especially if it is done wrong. Feather dusters do not work. Microfiber rags work well, but it’s hard to use any rag to reach high places.

As a former house cleaner; I used and relied on the Swiffer Duster extendable wand. I was able to reach almost everything with this wand. The cool part was that it extends (up to 3 feet long!) and was easy to fold up when I was done. Then; I would just toss the dust ridden duster out in the garbage. Out of all the dusting methods I have used; the Swiffer Duster (not the generic, there is a BIG difference – trust me) is the best way to go.


Day 3 – The Kitchen. Clean counter tops, clean inside & outside of kitchen cabinets, wipe down appliances.

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1 – Cleaning the counter tops can be made pretty simple. If you want to go above and beyond; reorganize and put away any items that you do not use almost daily. Use a disinfectant to sanitize the counter top. The counters are yet another place that easily collects germs from meal prep and germy hands.

2 – Clean inside & outside of the kitchen cabinets. When cleaning the outside of my wood kitchen cabinets, I only use one product. I use Murphy’s Oil Soap. I have tried a lot of products but this cleaner is the most safe while still being extremely effective. It has a nice soft clean smell!

3 – You can use Murphy’s Oil Soap on the inside of your wood cabinets too, and will do an awesome job that makes you happy! But first, be sure to vacuum out any crumbs before you start washing!

Day 4 – Clean inside, outside & top of the refrigerator.

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1 – Clean the inside of the refrigerator – This is the fun part. Toss all expired items. Then wash all of the shelves and door bins. Line all of the shelves and door bins with Glad cling wrap. This is the only liner I found that is cheap, easy, and fast to replace. I have never had to wash another refrigerator shelf or door bin since I started using the Glad cling wrap. That makes it sooo worth it!

2 – Clean the outside of the refrigerator – Start by taking down everything on the front and sides of the refrigerator. This includes all of the papers and magnets. Now you can spray and wipe down the entire outside of the appliance.

Vacuum the coils and under the front of the refrigerator. This helps the refrigerator work more efficiently and extends it’s life. (Which is great, considering how expensive it is to buy a new refrigerator!)

3 – Clean off the top of the refrigerator. In my house this place ends up being a catch all area. We usually put things up here to keep them out of the reach of our kids. I am trying to stop this bad habit, because it just makes a bigger mess to clean up later. Every time I clean this area, I use a minimalist attitude. I only put things on the top of the refrigerator that I don’t use that often and are in some sort of a container. The top of the refrigerator easily catches a lot of dust.


Day 5 – Tidy all bedrooms. Pick the worst/most important one to be completely reorganized. Including the closet.

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1 – I know this may sound repetitive; but use those laundry baskets again here! They come in handy so many times! Toss anything in the basket that belongs in another part of the house.

Get a cardboard box or a garbage bag and start a donation pile. Put the items you want to donate directly into the box/bag so that you don’t have to spend more time picking up the pile again. Don’t keep what you really don’t care for anymore. Just because you get rid of something, doesn’t mean the memory of it is gone. Basically what I am trying to say is I used to keep things because they reminded me of something. Well, if you really think about it – everything you own reminds you of something!

Don’t toss something you use though, just to buy a new one! (Unless it is in really bad shape or doesn’t work.)

Day 6 – Clean all bathrooms.

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1 – Take out anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom.

2 – Go through the storage areas like the mirror cabinet, over the toilet stand, and cabinets; toss anything that is old, leaking, or expired.

3 – Vacuum the floor before you wash it. This saves your mop from unnecessary wear and tear. Also – you won’t get straggler pieces of fuzz or hair left on the floor when you mop; if you vacuum first.

4 – Wash your Shower & Tub in 3 minutes or less by reading this post I wrote.

5 – Wash your bathroom floor by reading this post I wrote.

Day 7 – Vacuum and wash all floors. Shampoo Rugs.

1 – Vacuum all carpet areas and floors.

2 – Mop all hard floors.

3 – Shampoo rugs.

I used a DIY Shampooer rug cleaner (which was a baking soda recipe) that I got off of pinterest before. It totally killed my old shampooer. Remember how I said that baking soda clumps eventually even after it settles; even with vinegar? Yep. I had my baking soda and vinegar cleaning kick awhile back, and I loved how natural and safe it was to use. I didn’t like how it ruined and clogged a lot of my stuff. (Even when using a ratio of more vinegar to baking soda.)

If you like to use baking soda and vinegar, I totally understand. Just use what you feel comfortable using. This is a no-judge zone. 🙂

You made it to finish the cleaning challenge! Congrats!

Just think how clean your home will be, and feel after day 7.

Deep clean your house one time each season. Then spend 20 minutes each day cleaning your home as maintenance.

This way you will never think your house is a huge mess, and will never feel stressed about it either.

Win – Win for you!



Thank you Jacqueline! My household really needs this. And I bet many of my readers’ do too. Don’t forget to check out her blog for more info; you can read the original post here where you can actually get links to those product recommendations.

Also don’t forget to follow my progress on Instagram!

Til next time.

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  1. I like spring cleaning although it is a real hard work! The feeling you get after you are done is amazing, you feel light and the house looks light 🙂

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