Fiction Fridays #4

Fiction Fridays: A Small But Necessary Adjustment

Hi Lovelies!  It’s Friday! It’s been a big week, both for me personally, and for the mental health community as a whole. You may heave heard that Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon, ended her life this week. That is … Continue reading

What I Learned In The Psych

All Roads Lead To The Nurse’s Station (or) What I Learned In The Psych Ward

For the most part, the media gets PTSD dangerously wrong. PTSD does not, generally, make a person violent. A kind, non-violent person will not acquire PTSD and then also the sudden unshakable desire to shoot up a grocery store. Sure, … Continue reading

Book of the Weeks 3/27-4/9/2017

Book of the Weeks 3/27-4/9/2017: The Body Keeps The Score

By the way: This post uses affiliate links (and also some unaffiliated ones). You can read my full, legal disclaimer at the bottom of any and every page, but, basically, if you purchase something via one of the Amazon links … Continue reading

Fiction Fridays on

Fiction Fridays: An Unnatural Silence

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for some fiction on Betty’s Battleground. A nice break from the important, but heavy, suicide issue posts that I have gone up the past week. Last week participation was suuuuper low for the writing … Continue reading

The Suicide Survivor’s Guide: 3 Ways to Recognize Suicidal Behavior, and How You Can Help

It has been a heavy week on Betty’s Battleground. Last Wednesday I posted the letter I didn’t write when I attempted suicide on my birthday last year. On Monday, I kicked off my guest post series “Tales From the Other Side” … Continue reading

Guest Post Series on

Tales From the Other Side: “My Letter to My Sister After Her Suicide”

“My Letter to My Sister After Her Suicide” is the first installation of my Guest Post Series: Tales From the Other Side If you have been following my blog, you know that I write about my experiences as a mother who … Continue reading

Read the second installment of Fiction Fridays on

Fiction Fridays: The Invitation

Welcome to the second installment of Fiction Fridays!  If you want to catch up, you can read the first Fiction Fridays story here. As promised, this week will include a writing prompt and the opportunity to have YOUR work featured … Continue reading

Read what drove my suicide attempt on

Dear Family, Dear World: The Thoughts Behind a Suicide

My therapist said something last session which shook me to the core. Normally my humor is very dark, very dry. Knowing this, she feels comfortable telling dark, sometimes morbid jokes. The subject of my blog came up and she said … Continue reading

"Fig" book review and author interview on

Book Of The Weeks 3/13/17-3/26/17: ‘Fig’ by Sarah Schantz

This is the first installment of, yes, that’s right, another new segment: Book Of The Weeks. And yes, that ‘s’ is intentional. Book Of The Weeks is a biweekly book review by yours truly. But but but how does this … Continue reading

Highway Drive by Elizabeth

Fiction Fridays: Highway Drive

I am adding a new segment to my blog: Fiction Fridays! I enjoy blogging. It has been very healing for me; it has helped me connect with others who live with PTSD, and to educate those who don’t. I am still … Continue reading

A Day Without A Mama

A Day Without A Mama: A Post For International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and the “Day Without A Woman” strike. A lot has been written already about how this strike is classist and exclusionary.  Some women simply cannot afford to lose a day’s worth of income, or risk … Continue reading

Six Indoor Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids When You're Kinda Sorta Maybe Really Freaking Out

Mindful Mothering: Six Simple Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids When You’re Kinda Sorta Maybe Really Freaking Out

When you live with PTSD, or any anxiety disorder, you know to be ready for an episode any day, any time. Symptoms can range from mild to severe; an episode could mean heightened awareness of other people’s micro-expressions, or it … Continue reading