The Big Question: Why Did You Stay? A question which should never be asked of DV survivors, and question which is all too often asked of DV survivors. Answered.

The Big Question: Why Did You Stay?

The Big Question. The question everybody wants to ask survivors of long-term domestic violence. The question nobody should ever ask a survivor of domestic violence: Why did you stay? Why Did You Stay? Look, I get it. If you’ve never … Continue reading

The second half of my #RockingMotherhood Challenge-PTSD styel

Rocking Motherhood Challenge: Part Two

Hey folks! I’m back with Part Two of my version of the “Rocking Motherhood Challenge.” If you missed part one, you can catch up here. If you’re the type to just skip ahead instead, I’ll give you a brief summary of what … Continue reading

Elizabeth "Betty Mama" Brico takes on the #RockingMotherhood Challenge-PTSD style

Rocking Motherhood Challenge: Part 1

  I have been tagged. That’s right. Stephenie of the blog BlendedLifeHappyWife tagged me in this “Rocking Motherhood Challenge” which has been circulating among the Mama blogging community.  Basically each Mama tagged is supposed to make a list of ten reasons … Continue reading

All About Relationships: A PTSD Post Valentine's Day Special on

Relationships: A PTSD Post-Valentine’s Day Special

Note: This post contains sponsored links. For more information, please see the Sponsored Links and Posts Disclaimer on my Mission+Legal Page. Hey readers, here is a special post-Valentine’s Day treat. You get to learn all about relationships, and just how extra … Continue reading

What About The Children: A post about the inefficacy of the judicial system in regards to domestic violence

What About The Children?

I spent yesterday afternoon at a parenting seminar. Correction: I spent yesterday afternoon at a parenting plan seminar.  Because I am supposed to be preparing to design a co-parenting plan with the man who beat me, raped me, robbed me of the … Continue reading

Eighteen: A post about birthdays and


As I write this, the hours are counting down on February 7th.  Soon it will be February 8th. My birthday. My birthday.  This used to be the most exciting day of the year for me.  This used to be a … Continue reading

The Sick Week: A Tale of Effluvia

The Sick Week: A Tale of Effluvia

For impoverished mothers living with PTSD, most blessings are oddly shaped and paltry.  This week, my first blessing came in the guise of my in-laws being here for the first and worst day that I acquired the stomach virus which … Continue reading