My daughter's third birthday party was funded by my in-laws...Read all about it on

The Birthday Party

Let me just start by saying: Other moms terrify me.  Even the cool ones.  Even the ones I kinda want to be friends with.  Maybe those ones even more, because I actually sort of care what they think.  It’s as … Continue reading

Learn how a busy day affects even the physical health of those who live with PTSD

Betty Mama and the Super-Busy, Way-Too-Stressful, Socially Awkward, Very Exhausting Day

Must I say more?  The hair, the eyes, the circles beneath them: All signs of an elated woman!  This is me, drinking my second cup of coffee after shipping my girls off to daycare, looking forward to the next several … Continue reading

How one Mama overcame her Post Traumatic Stress symptoms to march against Trump with her daughter

Mommy Marching with PTSD

I have seen a lot of photos from the various Sister Marches since marching the Womxn’s March on Seattle this past Saturday.  You’ve probably seen my favorite, it’s the one showing a sign that says, “So bad, even introverts are … Continue reading